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Stephen has the support of these community leaders and District 2 residents:

State Rep. Ronnie Peterson: “Over the course of my career, I have encountered no one in the financial community who has displayed a greater commitment to diversity and social equity than University Bank President and CEO, Stephen Lange Ranzini. Stephen has led the charge to eradicate mortgage redlining in Ypsilanti and, under his leadership, both minority homeownership and local property values have seen marked increases.”

Former State Senator Alma Wheeler Smith: “Stephen is forward-looking: tackling the poverty-ensuring legacy of redlining in Ypsilanti, creating religious-compliant, no-interest loan programs for Faith Based borrowers, and putting women and minorities on the Bank’s board before demands for racial and gender equity drove other banks to introduce those changes. That’s leadership, and it’s powerful and empowering.” Below, listen to Alma Wheeler Smith talk about why Stephen’s the best candidate to represent District 2 on the Washtenaw County Board of Commissioners. [Video paid for by the Committee to Elect Stephen Lange Ranzini, 2015 Washtenaw Ave., Ann Arbor, MI 48104.]

Washtenaw County Commissioner Ricky Jefferson, District 6: “We need Stephen’s financial, job creation and affordable housing expertise on the Washtenaw County Board of Commissioners. His candidacy is an opportunity for District 2 voters to put a Commissioner on the BOC who has the integrity, experience, and financial expertise to tackle the important challenge of improving financial equity county-wide. He will be a responsible financial steward and a great addition to the board of commissioners.”

Brenda Stumbo, Ypsilanti Township Supervisor: “Our main priorities in Ypsilanti Township are public safety, park preservation, neighborhood stabilization, and economic development. Stephen has tremendous experience in these issues and understands the needs of townships and their residents. As a community leader over the decades I have known him, he has solved issues with fire safety and public safety services, supported expansion and maintenance of our non-motorized trail and park systems, created many jobs and worked to strengthen neighborhoods.  He will be a responsible financial steward and a great addition to the board of commissioners.

Rhonda McGill, Superior Township Trustee: “Years ago, Stephen and I worked together on affordable housing issues when I was working as the Executive Director of a local nonprofit community housing development organization, where I assisted families in Washtenaw County to become homeowners.  Stephen is passionate about helping people achieve the dream of home ownership so that they can become full participants in the American Dream.  Whether it is helping found and fund chapters of Habitat for Humanity or advocate for housing policy changes at the national level, he makes it a priority to expand opportunities for home ownership.”

Superior Township Supervisor Kenneth Schwartz: “My vision is to develop Superior Township in a careful and environmentally thoughtful way while maintaining strong fiscal reserves and low debt.  Providing excellent township services like safe drinking water, good roads, responsive fire and police services and eliminating blight will increase the value of every home so that Superior residents can confidently invest in their own homes and neighborhoods. Stephen will be an ally to achieve the goals we have set for Superior Township and will be able to help us in our quest to reach our objectives.”

Jack Eaton, Esq.: “I am proud to offer my endorsement to Stephen Ranzini. I have known and worked with Stephen for more than a decade. My career work as a labor advocate made me understand how important it is to have employers who understand the important role unions have in the workplace. Stephen has a long record of supporting labor and working people. He has also impressed me with his work making financial institutions more accessible to those who have historically been denied such services. I believe he will be a valuable ally on the County Board of Commissioners.”

Jaya Priyadarshini: “I have known Stephen for almost 22 years.  I was an immigrant in the U.S., starting my life in Ann Arbor when I joined his company.  He made sure that I always felt very accepted and welcomed.  This became my strength in a foreign land as the company was now my extended family.  I have always seen Stephen as a man of vision, compassion, faith, drive, focus and above all, very ethical.  His commitment to work very hard for the under privileged is commendable.  I have evolved and am now a very confident executive.  After being an HR executive for over a decade, I launched my own small business, which is now a very thriving company in Washtenaw County.  I was influenced by his determination and vision to become an entrepreneur and to pursue the concept of local growth.

Julie Burzynski: “I’ve worked alongside Stephen for over 21 years, and I know him as a passionate, committed, and innovative leader.  I’ve seen firsthand how he fights for what is right, and is consistently willing to take the tough and challenging path if it’s to support an underserved community.  I’m truly grateful for how supportive Stephen has been of me both personally and professionally over the years.  In particular, as a female banking executive and a mother of three young children he has encouraged me to put family first while always giving me a seat at the executive table where my opinion is heard and my skills and perspective are valued and appreciated!”

Ali Ramlawi, Ann Arbor City Council member, Ward 5

Anne Bannister, Former Ann Arbor Ward 1 Council member

Guy Conti, Esq. and Kate Conti

Doug Winters, Esq.

Curtis Freeman

Joel Harris

Mike Hitchcock

Ed Surovell

Trevon Daniels

Dennis and Lisa Capozza

Marcus and Andrea Darden

Bree and Rafe Juarez

Jay Melton

Gary and Dede Owen

Lowell and Kristina Weiner

Kenneth Kerfoot

Beth O’Donnell

Patrick McGill

Sue Waters

Craig Burkey

Victoria Briggs

Vera Lockley

Evert and Mary VanRaden

Stewart Gordon and Sarah Duvall

Axel Andre

Oguz Celemeceligil

Judy Salyer

Dr. Zakhour and Androulla Youssef

Nicole Wisniewski

Scott Stepan

George Burrell

Jeff and Carla Smith

Frank and Sharon Popp

Stirling and Sharon White

Jason Alfred

Irma Golden

Lou Eades

Katrina Patterson

Michael and Deidre Dorre-Fuller

Christina Myles

Byron Roberson, Jr.

Fred and Ann Cormack